Chuck Mosley Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food

Memories of Chuck Mosley


10 years ago yesterday, we released Chuck Mosley’s Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food LP. It would take a novel to explain what it took to make this record but beyond saying it was a labor of love, I’ll leave it at this… Chuck really was a unique soul. I’ve never met anyone quite like him. This shows in his writing… There’s a level of honesty in Chuck’s songs that’s, IMO, beyond what most artists will ever achieve. That’s what always drew me to Chuck and his music and it’s also what kept me going when the process became so frustrating that I wanted to throw in the towel.

Over a million people downloaded this album (without paying for it) within weeks of its release back in 2009. If half of those people had bought it, Chuck’s family would still be living off of the royalties today. I stand by this record. It’s a fun ride and I’m glad we made it.

RIP Chuck…. It’s still hard to believe you’re gone.
– Michael Seifert

Chuck Mosley Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food
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