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Care Bears – Unlock the Magic


I’m excited to announce that the first 10 episodes of the new Care Bears animated series Unlock the Magic (Cartoon Network/Boomerang Network) are being released today!

In addition to co-producing, singing backing vocals, playing some additional keyboards, and mixing the theme song for the series (which features lead vocals by Cleveland’s own Chayla Hope), it was my honor and privilege to compose and perform the original music and score for 3 of the 10 episodes that were just released. Additional episodes featuring my original music and score will be released in the next batch.

I want to give a big shout out to Dave Shaw who contributed some killer guitar tracks for some of the cues and to Chayla Hope for crushing the vocals on the theme song like I knew she would! Extra special thanks to my longtime friend, collaborator, and uber-talented composer Dave Padrutt for inviting me to be a part of this amazing project. Dave has written some really great music for this series and, as always, it’s been a pleasure to work and collaborate with him. I also want to congratulate Ryan Wiesbrock on a job well done! Seriously man… I have no idea how you do what you do!

I have to say, looking up at the screen and seeing a Care Bear staring back at me has been nothing short of surreal. It’s some of the most fun and rewarding work I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of and I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute. If you have kids (or if you grew up watching the original Care Bears series) I hope you’ll check it out!

P.S. So far, I’ve managed to sneak three pieces of music that I wrote, performed, and recorded between ages 8 and 13 into the score for this new Care Bears series (all transfered from old 2” multitrack tapes). It’s a gift to my younger self for spending a childhood in the studio instead of going outside and playing like the normal kids. 

Michael Seifert

Unlock the Magic
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