Buddy Thunderstruck

Romeo is Bleeding & Buddy Thunderstruck Now on Netflix


For anyone interested, the award winning documentary Romeo is Bleeding is now available on Netflix. I scored this film with my friend Jake Fader. The soundtrack album is also available for purchase through iTunes or streaming on Spotify.

Romeo Is Bleeding

You can also check out season 1 of the Netflix Originals series Buddy Thunderstruck, which I contributed a lot of music/score to working with longtime friend and collaborator Dave Padrutt. Shout out to Dave Shaw who played some stupidly awesome guitar on some of these cues. Episode 7, Haters of the Lost Arcade, features a ton of my music, including the cues for the 8-bit video game and some big “Over the Top” style battle scenes. I also played drums on and mixed the theme song for this series.

Buddy Thunderstruck

Just a couple of Netflix suggestions to get you through the weekend now that most of you are done binge watching season 2 of Stranger Things.
– Michael Seifert

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